Saturday, January 1, 2011


Adenium Root tubers are enlarged as a place to store water as a reserve in times of drought. The roots of this enlarged when raised above the ground will form a unique impression as bonsai. While the software is not woody stem (also known as a succulent), but can be enlarged.
Side shoots to grow from buds on stems or leaves of autumn marks. Side buds that will work (grow) when the shoots of cut plants. This is what people do when memprunning or cut, to get a new leaf and flower for which will appear later on more in unison.
 Adenium leaves there are various kinds, oval shape, pointed, small and large, and some fluffy, some are without fur. While Adenium flowers shaped like a trumpet, valvate 5, with various color according to species (varieties), respectively.
There are 2 groups of Adenium, ie groups of species (native species), and Variety (the result of mating types and crosses by man to seek new forms). Some native species such as Adenium Adenium Arabicum, characteristic of short and large hump shape, with many stems emerging from the top of the hump. The flowers are white and pink colored alloy, small (diameter petal less than 5 cm). Adenium obesum, characteristic large hump shape and somewhat elongated upwards, one stem growing over the hump, the above branching stems emerge. Flower color red and white blend, large flowered (more than 5 cm). The types of other species is Adenium Socotranum Adenium, Adenium swazicum, somalense Adenium, Adenium bohemianum.

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