Friday, January 7, 2011

Terrarium Care

Terrarium can be placed indoors for long periods without sunlight, by replacing sunlight with a special lamp. You can put the terrarium in the house, on your shelf, in the office or gallery. This will add to the uniqueness of the decor and also add a collection of indoor plants in your room.
Although it is easy, without a careful review of techniques and media, terrarium can not last long. Without proper treatment techniques terrarium, the plants will languish because of damage to the water cycle.
Wash plants or soil with water when the media starts to look dry. Routinely done watering once every week or less if necessary. Cut leaves from damaged plants in a terrarium for a wonderful stay.
The location of plants is also worth noting. Do not place in areas exposed to direct sunlight because it can make quick dry soil conditions.
If you also put small animals in the terrarium, clean the inside of the terrarium of animal waste and food scraps. Thus, your terrarium will still look attractive.
Truly unique! Miniature tropical rain forest, desert ecosystem, vegetable gardens and so forth is only possible with a terrarium.

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