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  There is often overlooked when looking at the beauty of this thorny desert plants. Now let us look at the flower stalk. We just touch on the stalk below the flower. So it will feel like there are sticky rice sticky (sap) that blankets the flower stalk like a pack of sticky rice farmer affixed to trap deer scarecrow tales when we were kids first. Flower stalk looks wet as if remove fluid honey with a distinctive aroma. Liquid color and flavor of these tiny insects were invited over and sucking the sweet taste of honey with a shadow. Well ... when it landed or crawling insects on the flower stalk, then This is the end history. Because he will be stuck on the sticky flower stems and certainly will die slowly. Insect carcasses stuck into nutrition and food nutrients to the plant Euphorbia than food taken from the roots.
Luck Flowers

Euphorbia is very beautiful and exotic. The flowers appear very lively when exposed to full sun. By way of interest such as figure eight, so it's no wonder many consider with this prickly plant flowers as the flower that can bring good luck. Let's see more details. Thorns that protect the stem also looks solid. Thorns are also considered to be against disaster. Surely those who believe in it. Who's who do not believe, suppose to decorate the house that looks pretty interesting.
Trick Planting

This beautiful Tananam has more than 2000 species. Part of it comes from the plains of Africa and Madagascar. Areas exposed to full sunlight. So this flower is easy to adapt in Indonesia.

We provide a quick way to grow and reproduce Euphorbia. Although many ways such as by planting seed, grafting, cuttings or other means. Below is our chosen way of cuttings. In addition we also practical know exactly what color flowers you want.

Cut healthy branches roughly as high as 10-15 cm, Prepare a pot that would be commensurate with the plant. Try under the current pot holes for excess water that can not menakibatkan pembusaukan.
Prepare the planting medium soil, sand and rice husks. Sprinkle and mix with slow fertilizer granules to taste (do not overdo it).
Planting Euphorbia stems in an upright position. Flush until the media looks solid.
Put in place a somewhat shady but still no sun rays until about a week.
Try the media is not too wet.
After the leaf buds begin to grow in the bud, move the affected place the sun directly.
For Euphorbia grow good, healthy with lively interest, would require separate treatment. Although basically a desert plant is quite tough and easy to maintain. For the initial stage is the stage of enrichment. This phase is usually passed around from one to two months. In this phase, is after the plant through a period of two months, the plants will begin to remove some branches. The leaves look very lush, wide and shady. The next stage is the stage penbungaan. At this stage, the plants must be exposed to direct sun and full all day. Sprinkle each day with how to use gembor. Try flushing water not too swift and loud that cause leaf spines or torn. After one week will show little flowers among the editorial sidelines. Interest will be seen today after a month marked the bright flowers and beautiful unison crowd out all their leaves.
To care for Euphorbia remain lush flowering of all time, of course you also have to take care of him. Try to keep the plants exposed to direct sunlight and management, nutrient elements remain in sufficient numbers. Give majmuk fertilizer with low levels of NPK and PK where N is higher. You can use solid or liquid fertilizer that is currently available almost all sellers of ornamental plants and farm shops in your area. Good luck.

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