Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jasmine Planting

Propagation of plants by grafting is mainly done on the types of jasmine are difficult to propagate by cuttings or takes a long time to grow roots. The meaning of the transplant is seeking growth from a branch plant in a way cut off and discard kambiumnya and gave the media to grow the branch from the parent tree and to form rooted.
Some things to note in grafting are:
1. To be well-developed roots, stems should be chosen large enough, in good health and leafy.
2. Bark circular sliced with a sharp knife along the 1-2 cm, then bark peeled and cleaned up kambiumnya layers disappear altogether.
3. Furthermore, the incision is closed with the planting medium from soil or coco powder, and then wrapped with plastic or coconut fiber.
4. After 2-3 months after grafted roots, grafts can be cut below the incision to be planted.
5. A good time to transplant is the rainy season. Grafts performed during the dry season should always be watered to prevent drought.

layering  (rundukan) is another way besides penyetekan jasmine propagation and transplantation. The trick is to lay down / bent the jasmine stems horizontally to the ground and then backfilled thin soil. After eye on each segment to grow and take root, then the stem was cut into pieces according to the segment that is rooted for planting. How much do farmers rundukan the jasmine because in addition to easy to do also not require much effort and high success rate.

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