Friday, January 14, 2011

SWITCHING / grafting Insert for Adenium

Connect inline rootstock usually done if you want to connect, its size more than 2 x folding in diameter than the upper stem. It could be if there is such a thing, made an incision rootstock V shape as usual, but the rod of which is inserted in the incision can be two or three bars, namely at the edge of the left, center and right. This can be done easily on grafting Adenium, Adenium not because berkambium and all cells are living cells or meristematik, so all fields can be used for the connection area, unlike the woody plants, which, if connected, then the cambium must meet with the cambium.
However, continued with the letter V with a few entrees that included at one rootstock, would reduce the beauty of the end result. Therefore, if the lower stem are much bigger than the stem upper or entrees, it is usually done by way of connecting insert, the lower stem created a pyramid upside down from the edge of the stem until the appropriate thickness of the upper stem. The rootstock can be inserted up to more than two entress around the outer circumference of the trunk.
Connect the insert would produce a more beautiful plants as rootstock seemed to issue a branch at the cut stem.
SWITCHING / grafting Insert ONE EYE
Connection of one eye, is one way to efficiency, that is to multiply the plants quickly, with limited entrees owned. Rootstock to be used, still have to cut the stem, to avoid apical dominance or the dominance of main stem growth. The order of works is as follows:

1. Prepare the upper stem. Try to keep the stem on a leaf (leaf no cut). Unless the eye was no leafy shoots again.
2. Cut the root stock or rootstock, approximately 2-3 cm above the cob.
3. Peel the stem side down, forming the number 7 is reversed.
4. Cut the stem of one eye (with leaves), field line number 7 in the stem upside down
5. Glue the entrees on the lower stem, and tied with plastic straps. Make sure the buds do not come attached. Further continuation of plastic covered, and labeled on the varieties and dates of grafting.
6. Two weeks after the process, the buds begin to emerge from the entrees. If emerged shoots from the rootstock, shortly before it grows bigger discarded, because it will reduce the growth rates of shoots of entrees.

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