Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kastuba or poinsettia

The poinsettia is a plant that stubborn, highly adaptable, and familiar with the environment, can even grow in the room. He can grow fresh in the lowlands and plains up to 1,400 meters altitude above sea level. However, based on experience, is more appropriate plants grown at an altitude of 700 meters. Kastuba should not be planted in the open or in the yard, but in small pots.
In order to thrive Kastuba, use media suitable form of garden soil and manure with a ratio of 1:1. Select an area open and exposed to direct sunlight because the poinsettia is like a bath of sunlight.If you want to plant in pots as indoor plants, choose pots made of cast cement or ceramic media for not moist and well drained. Media earnings equal to planting in open areas, just need to give a mixture of fine sand to make the soil. Give gravel or broken bricks at the bottom of the pot for the rest of spray water can flow out. For young plants fertilize with high nitrogen element. After the plants begin to flower out, put fertilizer with high phosphorus content of the element. In order to appear prima poinsettias in pots, do regular maintenance such as fertilizing, watering, replacement of the media and certainly enough sunlight. So color leaf not pale and flower burning brightly, put poinsettia outdoors every 3 days once Facebook exposed sunlight

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