Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Planting Technique

Tulip can not live in the open tropical areas because it requires low temperatures in winter in order to grow. Tulips can be forced to bloom earlier than normal when put in a place where temperature is set to be higher.

Tulips can be planted in two ways, using a bulb or seed. Tulip bulbs are planted from year to take time to produce a fairly large flowers, while plants grown from seed takes between 5-7 years to bloom.

Flowers that have finished blooming should be cut to get the bulbs.

According to the research that applies only to interest Tulip, if at the bottom of the flower has not bloomed until translucent flower buds pricked with a needle (eg sewing needle), ethylene gas will be produced by flowers are injured so that the flowers bloom longer. The same treatment if carried out on interest that has led to the blooming blossom even be shorter

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