Friday, January 14, 2011

Euphorbia milii for Fertile and Flower Growing

 If you know the character of Euphorbia milii, then these plants will flourish and diligent flowering. Some things to note:
Watering: Euphorbia like water. but do not like wet, the water requirement is high. But the water supply berklebihan, can lead to root rot. Root rot is brown, mushy like porridge when held. Conversely, if watering is rarely done, the plants exposed to dehydration. The sign, plants shrink, leaf yellowing, easily fall out and the figure of the plant becomes stunted. If left unchecked, sooner or later, your plants will languish, and die.
Watering was done when the media looks dry. But do not believe in the eye only. Use the finger, to probe the medium 1-2 cm deep. If the soil feels masah, yes, Euphorbia You do not need watering. Conversely if it feels dry, immediately do the watering.
Watering time should be early morning, at -8.00-09.00 or afternoon, 15:00 to 16:00 o'clock
Do not water at the time of day or trerlalu scorching sun. Useless, the water will mengicap before absorbed by plants.
Watering is considered sufficient, if the water was out of the hole under the pot.
Use a sprayer, for the water that comes out is more subtle and does not damage the crop.
Instead, all the plants involved watered for dust or dirt sticking yuang washed away.
Weeding In the pot, weed, grass or other wild plants, usually come grow. If left unchecked, they can take nutrients you Euphorbia property. Then, unplug it, weed-weed, and clean your pots.
Pruning Pruning aims to beautify the plant canopy, also to reduce evaporation during vegetation.
Branches irregular diopotong. New shoots that appear on the plants were 1 year old also trimmed so as not to inhibit the growth of the parent plant. (Sst. .. former cuts should not be made, you know, because it still can be used as seed, cuttings or grafting both sticks).
Old flowers should also be trimmed.
Euphorbia flowers can last for 2 months. Over time, the color faded, dull eventually wilt. We recommend that you cut for the new flowers emerge.
Fertilization: Like other plants, Euphorbia milii also need to remove the flower nutrients. Nutrients obtained from the media using the earnings. But sometimes not enough, so that should be given additional beryupa fertilizer.
Giving pukuk be routine and appropriate dosage. If excessive plants can be disturbed, if it's too little, miserable condition of the plant.
Newly planted crops should not be cultivated first. After that just given NPK 20:20:20, a dose of 1 g / liter / per plant. Application of fertilizer once a week with the way pour into the planting medium.
Other fertilizers that can be used, slow release fertilizer, such as Dekastar, Megakamp and Osmocote with a dose of 5 grams per plant. Application every 3 months. This fertilizer does not quickly dissolve, and absorb it slowly.
IDENTIFY DISEASE Euphorbia: Although rarely attacked by diseases or pests, disease-free does not mean Euphorbia. The following diseases should be aware of:
WHITE Flies. The cause of mealybug (Homopteraaleyrodiae), often appears in the dry season. Symptoms of attack: the black leaf on top and bottom surfaces, and seen a lot of ants around the leaf. Eggs and larvae under the leaf in place.
Medicine? Spray concentrations Pegasus 05, ml / liter plus 0.5 ml of Biosoft. Or with Metindo concentration of 1 g / liter of water.
Spraying should be directed to the lower leaf surface. Only, if the contract is severe, you should unplug it, and burned.
Bacterial SOFT ROT. Culprit, the bacterium Erwinia carotavora. Seen in bat attack


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