Saturday, January 1, 2011


Leaves Anthurium

Flowers Anthurium
Anthurium including plants from the Araceae family. This beautiful leaved plants still allied with a number of popular ornamental plants such aglaonema, philodendron, ornamental taro, and alokasia. In the family Araceae, Anthurium is a genus with the largest number of species. It is estimated there are about 1000 species of genus Anthurium.

These plants include evergreen plants or do not know the period of dormancy. The wild, these plants usually live in epiphyte with a stick in the trunk. Can also live in terrestrial forest floor.

The main attraction of anthurium is a beautiful leaf shape, unique, and varied. The leaves are generally dark green leaves with veins and bones large and prominent. So that makes the figure of this plant looks sturdy but still radiates elegance when adult. Not surprisingly, these plants have a luxurious and exclusive. In the past, anthurium many ornate gardens and the palace became the kingdoms in Java. That said, revered as the king of crops.

In general, the anthurium is divided into two kinds of leaves and the kind anthurium anthurium flowers. Anthurium leaf has allure, especially from other forms of special leaves. While the flower anthurium further highlight both the diversity of interest and of species hybrids. Usually the type of anthurium flowers used for cut flowers.

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