Friday, January 7, 2011


Terrarium or vivarium is medium or container made of glass or transparent plastic containing plants, which cater for various needs, such as for research, methods of planting and decorating. It could be argued that the terrarium is the most natural artificial biosphere due to biological functions that occur in the terrarium was similar to what occurs in nature. So terrarium can also be used as a mini biology laboratory.
Terrarium will display a miniature garden in a glass media. Terrarium can simulate the actual conditions in nature in the glass media. For example terarim can simulate a desert ecosystem, desert ecosystem, ecosystems and other tropical rain forest.
Terrarium was first introduced in England. Beginning with a mini greenhouse in the United Kingdom and the nobility then terrarium become famous throughout the world including in Indonesia.
Terrarium currently available, can be divided into 3 categories:

* Open Air Terrarium, the terrarium with the top open or closed. To create a miniature plants, such as the media is the most easy to use and maintain. You can even make decorative plants in a terrarium type this in a very short time.
* Closed Terrarium, the terrarium with a sealed condition in all sections. The goal is to create a unique biosphere in the terrarium. Terrarium is the most difficult to be made and maintained. More challenges in making this type of terrarium. Some factors that must be special attention to a closed terrarium is a matter of quantity of water and proper lighting. Terrarium of this type usually have the top of a small to put plants and other material in the terrarium. Of course this can be a challenge.
* Terrarium Animals, as the name suggests, this type of terrarium used to put small animals for display. For example, lizards, iguanas, frogs, small turtles or snakes. The goal is to display replica of the real world of fauna in the wild by moving it into an attractive glass media.

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