Friday, January 14, 2011

SWITCHING / grafting ALA VIETNAM for Adenium

Connection of Vietnam-style, so named because the technology at first discovered and usually done by farmers in Vietnam.
Connection of this is the easiest way for beginners, because it does not need to hone the ability to cut a V shape or the number 7 inverted, between scion and rootstock are identical, but only horizontally cut both scions and rootstocks.
One drawback is, how this connection can not be used if the stem above is too small or too young, and can not be done for entrees top (meristem). The link is due primarily to the case, not easy to do the binding of the stem of the rootstock. How it works a la Vietnam connection is as follows:
Prepare all the equipment (the same way as any other connection).

1. Cut the stem below the horizontal, about 2-3 cm above the cob.
2. Create a bond in the lower stem with a plastic rope in preparation for the tie rod above.
3. Cut the stem above the horizontal (plot rootstock), then cut the top too, so the entrees into a cylindrical piece, with a height of 1-2 cm.
4. Glue the stem above the cylinder on the rod down, and plastic rope that has been attached to the shaft bottom, tied around the stem up through the top of the cylinder in a cross, and fastened back on the rootstock.
5. Close the connection field, give the label.
6. two weeks after the grafting, shoots begin to grow. At this stage, let the plastic ties remain firmly attached, up to 1-2 months.

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