Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Make a Terrarium

As a first step, you can prepare some of the planting medium or material for decoration. Some media are required, among others (from top):

* Sand zeolite
* Soil humus
* Spagnum moss
* Charcoal
* Rocks and sand
Then prepare the equipment will be used to create a miniature garden in a terrarium. The equipment used is relatively easy to obtain and inexpensive, among others:

* For a terrarium, you can use a small aquarium fish, large glass bowls, glass boxes, glass bottles or jars
* Scope mini to grow crops or spoon
* Tweezers (Pin Set) or chopsticks
* Scissors
* Plastic funnel or a funnel made of paper
* Iron plant (sprayer)
* Watering kettle
* Woven gauze
* Brush
After all preparation is complete, it was time to make terrarium. How to make a terrarium is as follows:

* Wash glass media with hot water and soap. Rinse and dry glass media.
* Create a layer of rock or sand or other media at the bottom with a thickness of approximately 2-3 cm.
* Add charcoal with a thickness of 1-2 cm.
* With a spoon or mini scope, add a layer of media such as soil humus 5-8 cm thick. Make a little mound to beautify. If you use akurium, you can raise the mound on one side as a backdrop.
* Dig a small hole in the layer of soil to plant roots
* Take the plants that fit, then clean the roots from the remnants of the land. Cut off the damaged leaves. Place the plants in a small hole had been dug and cover roots with soil.
* If you use a glass aquarium or a bigger box, you can put some of these plants in a terrarium. Place larger plants in the back.
* Wet the soil, but do not flush unnecessarily. Simply wet the soil to become moist.
* You can enhance your terrarium by adding stones, miniature gardens, even small animals.
* Place your terrarium in a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight.
* Moisten the soil if it starts to look dry. For example, for succulent plants, you can flush every 5 days. For other types of plants that do not require much water, you can water it once a week.

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