Friday, December 31, 2010

Caring for Plants Roses

Roses for many and continuous flowering, do some important things the following:* Give Eat and drink regularly. Food in the form of special fertilizer plant roses or if there is no give compost or humus. Fertilization is done before the spring or kalo in Indonesia at the end of the rainy season, ahead of the spring.Give eat again every 2 months during the flowering period. I used to use a special organic rose fertilizer, sometimes cow dung and chicken manure-me-so (it is dry and composed / no reply was new).Give the drink a distinguished much as reply I have written above.Pull the weeds / wild plants. Currently I have not done this trick again, replaced by mulching.Mulching is the act of covering ground under the rose tree with organic material. These organic materials can be shredded bark, shredded daun2an, who mowed grass clippings, straw, pieces of vegetable waste from the kitchen. This mulching avoid the growth of wild plants, reducing the frequency of watering because the soil moisture maintained, bahan2nya will terlomposisi and become a good humus for plants. Mulching in the winter to be protective for the inundation rose from the snow and cold.

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