Friday, December 31, 2010

How To Plant And Care of Roses

Selecting Rose PlantsFactors include selecting roses that determines your success in planting roses. Type or kind of roses that how a suitable one for your garden. Please see the classification of a rose bush to determine the type of rose which one you need. Do you want a rose vine for pergola or fence, roses to cover the ground, rose to the pot, roses to be planted with other flowers or roses for cut flowers? Want the flowers small, medium or large? Want to flowering roses single or in groups?
When is your first time to plant roses roses should select plants that have been so in the pot, at least 2 years old to reduce the risk of failure. Select plants with branching at least 3 main branches. Sometimes the roses sold cheap / discount the small branches. But avoid because roses are on sale usually from grade to the quality of beans. It will not generate maximum interest in a long time.

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