Saturday, December 18, 2010

How do I create a red kastuba

Kastuba true leaf color is green. The red color will appear when plants enter the generative period (about to bloom). Kastuba Includes Short day plants. Plants of this kind will enter a period when the period of daylight generative shorter than night
 Fuss, in the tropics, such as Indonesia the period of day and night about the same. Well, for shorter periods of daylight than night, can be tricked by cutting the period of daylight. way, the plant shut down black plastic on most of the time during the day. Usually done in the afternoon. Let the sun shining on the plant the first 8 hours of daylight. Techniques that will stimulate leaf from kastuba, became red. usually, this technique is applied for 1-2 months.
 Nursing kastuba pretty easy. Do not put in the room continuously. But also not be exposed to the sun frontally. Avoid cultivate plants that are still red, as this will stimulate the growth of green leaves. Try it, enjoy the beauty of the red.

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