Thursday, December 30, 2010


Flowers are synonymous with the color red is often used as an expression of feelings of love. Roses do have beauty, but unfortunately this flower has sharp thorns that can make your hands bleed. Every rose has a different, better color, composition, size, height, and number of thorns.

But what exactly is a rose is it? From the biological sciences can be said that a rose is a plant of the order Rosanales. Roses always bloom nonstop in both summer and winter, even for four seasons in the country too many roses still blooming. But we also must keep good care despite the actual care of roses is an easy thing.

Rose also is an annual plant that is enough with your purchase once but roses can grow tens of years. Along with the development and advancement of science roses now have a diversity of colors, including blue, pink, yellow, white, purple, black, which reputedly has its own meaning.

Has many varieties of roses that cause people to call with Rosaceae. Based on the nature of the rose is divided into four groups of plants shrubs are planted on the fence, dwarf roses grown in pots, tree roses, and roses that grow liana vine.

Roses flower is safe for consumption because it has many benefits and efficacy. In the interest it contained substances which serve to increase endurance, serves as an antiseptic, and also as a killer fungus that causes vaginal discharge. In addition, roses have a fragrant aroma that can be used as aromatherapy to calm the mind and soul as well as perfume.

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