Thursday, December 30, 2010


Jasmine Salam is an ornamental flowering plants form an upright clump of living trunked chronic. In Indonesia, one type of jasmine that is used as a national symbol of white jasmine (Jasminum sambac) because the interest is associated with various traditions dar many tribes in this country. Another popular type is gambier jasmine (J. officinale). In Indonesia the name jasmine is known by people across the archipelago. Local names for jasmine is Menuh (Bali), cut or Meulu Meulu China (Aceh), Menyuru (Banda), jessamine (Gayo and Batak Karo), manduru (Manado), Mundu (Bima and Sumbawa) and Manyora (East) , Jasmine Salam (UMI) and Malete (Madura).
In Italy, Casablanca jasmine (Jasminum officinalle), called the Spanish Jasmine planted in 1692 to be used as perfume. In 1665 in England cultivated white jasmine (J. sambac) are introduced by the Duke Casimo de Medici. In 1919, discovered jasmine J. parkeri in North-Western region of India, then cultivated in England in 1923.

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