Monday, March 7, 2011

Tips planting orchids

Location, temperature and humidity: Orchids will grow well in the highlands (in the lowlands are also able to live, but must meet the exact requirements), the temperature ranges from 15-35 degrees Celsius (optimum temperature 21 degrees Celsius) with good air circulation. Humidity ranges from 65-70%.

Sunlight: abstinence orchid plants direct sun, but still tolerant to the sun in the morning (between the hours of 7-9 am). Orchid less sunlight to grow thin, narrow leaves and long, on the contrary, if excess sunlight the leaves will turn yellow like fire. Orchids will grow well if hung in the shade of a tree.

Watering: There is no set time to water the orchid. Practical way to find out if plants need watering is to monitor the condition of the media using the earnings. Watering should be with the sprayer and water that used free chlorine and other chemical compounds. More young orchids need a lot of water, watering should be 1 day 1 time. For larger orchids, 2 days is sufficient. Too much water will make the vulnerable orchid fungus that causes leaves and root rot. Orchids should not get wet because it will quickly fall.

Fertilizing: Orchids need to be nurtured to make diligent flowering. Tips for choosing the right fertilizer is selected liquid fertilizer (foliar fertilizer), NPK macro elements must be adapted to plant age (young orchids require more N elements, while the orchid is ready to bloom require more P elements). Fertilization is done once a week with a dose of 1 / 2 teaspoon to 1 liter of water. Spray a solution of fertilizer with the sprayer on the leaves and roots. Fertilization can be done more often by reducing the dose.

Media planting: Planting media is good is not fast rotten, facilitate root attached, hollow (porous) for air circulation, can store nutrients, and not easily become a source of disease. Kinds of media are the ferns, moss, coconut fiber, charcoal, wood, broken bricks or tile

Pot: For the pot can be selected potting soil or plastic. Potting soil can store water, while the pot is not plastic. Orchids also good planted in blocks of ferns and hung under trees. Repotting should be done periodically, eg every 6 months to give more space on the roots of orchids.

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