Friday, February 25, 2011

Caring for plants in the rainy season

The rainy season should be aware of the hobbyists in ornamental plants. Because it can threaten the survival of your favorite plants. Plants become rotten and new shoots can be messy. Here are tips on caring for ornamental plants in the rainy season by Supriyanto, an ornamental plant hobbyists.
Succulent Included is a succulent plant Adenium, Pachypodium, Euphorbia, also cycads. If the rainy season has arrived, protect plants by using a plastic UV (ultra-violet). Or replace the planting medium with a more porous planting medium. So that excess water can be directly discarded. Thus succulent roots and tubers of plants do not become rotten. Porous growth media for example, fern, gravel and cocopeat.
Add bactericide and fungicide at the time of watering. This is to treat the roots of crops damaged by rain water.
Do not do grafting or cuttings, because it usually ends with decay and death. Unless you have a special place to do the grafting and cuttings. Reduce watering.

Nonsukulen plants usually live in areas of damp. Such as anthurium, aglaonema, sansieviera, kaladium, etc. These plants do not need much sunlight, but requires a lot of water. However, watering should not be too often so as not to cause decay.
The placement of plants must be protected from direct sunlight. Use plastic paranet and UV, with UV plastic composition above paranet. Thus the moisture and keep plants fresh.
Special aglaonema anthurium and taro should not be exposed to rain. If exposed to rain water, flush again with plain water is added with a fungicide or bactericide. Watering was carried out on the planting medium, not on the plant. In this way, then your favorite ornamental plants will be spared from the deadly disease. Watering was done when the planting medium already looked dry.

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